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Social enterprise

Social enterprises are businesses with a social aim. As with any other business they pursue a profit but this profit is reinvested back into the business or directly into the community.

Aurora Options is developing a number of social enterprises that will provide both paid and voluntary work to people with learning disabilities.

Changing Lives

We recognise that people with learning disabilities have a lot to offer the workplace and they should have the same aspirations and opportunities to work as other people. At the heart of our social enterprise is the belief that work has the power to change people’s lives for the better and we will continually promote and support people to work both within our social enterprises and in the community.

Aurora Options has recently established its very own cleaning service that employs people with learning disabilities to clean offices and homes across the borough of Lewisham. Cleaners are paid the London Living Wage and go through a training programme to guarantee our service is professional and competitive. Cleaners also receive continual support from our job coach to develop as cleaners and ensure they gain job satisfaction. 

New Developments

We are currently embarking upon other social enterprises such as developing a range of natural and organic cleaning products and a gardening service.

We will continue to remain open to new and innovative ideas for social enterprise that meet the needs and aspirations of our service users.

Find Out More...

If you are interested in working in one of our social enterprises or if you would like to buy one of our products or services, please contact our Director of Development & Referrals Manager, Gail Nicholls, at the office or by email: